New Leadership

"Lake County and State of Illinois are in desperate need of new leadership. In order to bring our communities into the future we need to bring a new approach to government and how it is run.

As a project management consultant for various Fortune 500 companies, I have the skills and will power to make the office of the Recorder more efficient, accountable, and innovative for homeowners, businesses, and future residents of Lake County."

- Emilia

Meet Emilia

Emilia Czyszczon was born and raised on the northwest side of Chicago. She is the product of two Polish engineering immigrants who understand the perils of socialism and instilled in Emilia a love for their adoptive country, the United States, where they sought to make a better life.
Emilia earned a biological engineering degree and an MBA from Purdue University. As a student, she discovered a biological virus in a cave which was named after her, and which has the opportunity to be used as an alternative medicine to antibiotics. For the last 5 years, Emilia has worked in life sciences consulting, aiding medical device and pharmaceutical companies to solve business and regulatory challenges.
Driven to help others, Emilia spearheaded the move to eliminate the office of Recorder of Deeds and consolidate it with the office with the Lake County Clerk’s Office to help the residents of Lake County lower their tax burden and drive governmental efficiency with smaller government.

Emilia Czyszczon gives a TED Talk at Purdue University in 2013.

Priorities for the office of Lake County Recorder

Ensuring the office and Lake County government is:




I support efforts to consolidate the Recorder's office with the Clerk's office. I believe that this is an innovative way to reduce taxes for Lake County residents and provide even greater efficiencies. 

If the Recorder's office is not consolidated it is imperative that the office offers the best possible services to the residents and businesses in the county. In order to ensure that government services are keeping up with citizen needs, I believe that we can continually modernize the Recorder's office. Ensuring that the process between people and the office is seamless and efficient is a core of good government.

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